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Care Experience

Child Care:I have triplet cousins, now age 7. When they were first born, up until age 3, I spent the 3 months of every summer living with them as a Nanny. Up until last year, I lived in a neighborhood full of children, the eldest of which is now 7 years old. I started babysitting him when he was 1 1/2. I was the main babysitter for the neighborhood. There were 2 familys I babysat for on a weekly basis. One family has 2 boys, now 8 and 4, and the other family has one boy, age 6. At the moment, I am not babysitting full or part time for anyone, just on occasion, as I just moved to the area 6 months ago, and have not met any families yet. I would like to work with a family on a regular basis.

Pet Care:I have taken care of fish, mice, and horses as well as exotic animals. I am not a huge fan of spiders, scorpions, or snakes, but that doesn't stop me from providing them with quality care. 5 years ago, I cared for 3 cats while their owner was in Spain for 2 1/2 months displaying her work at a gallery. That lead to a bi-monthly contract to care for the cats when their owner was showing her work. There is also a dog I cared for every Christmas, spring break, and summer, up until this year, when I moved out of town.

House Care:I have had a steady house sitting client for the last 5 years- my parents. When I moved out of my parents house, they put me in charge of watching their home while they were on vacations or away for the weekend- they try to leave once a week or so... I have had other regular clients as well over the last 8 years, mostly neighbors who have asked me to water their plants, feed their pets, and keep an eye on the place while they were away.